Old "Eyesore": Abbeville councilman unhappy with way grounds being kept at Technical Industries

One Abbeville councilman is tired of seeing prime acreage at the Abbeville Chris Crusta Airport not being used to its fullest potential.

Abbeville Councilman Francis Plaisance brought up Technical Industries Inc. again at Tuesday night’s City Council Meeting. Plaisance is no stranger to asking questions about Technical Industries. He first brought up the issue at a council meeting in August of 2009. Five years later, the land sits idle like it did five years ago when Plaisance began asking questions about why there is no work being done at Technical Industries.

Technical Industries has a long term lease with the city at around $600 a month. The lease was made back in 2005 with the understanding the company would employ a certain amount of people. They have yet to employ anyone for more than two months.

Plaisance is now complaining about the tall grass and the trash that is accumulating in the yard. The pipe yard looks no different than it did two years ago with the exception of the high grass.

“My point about all this is look at the grass and look at the location,” said Plaisance. “They come into Abbeville and they see the tall grass. They go to the driver license office and they see the trash.”

“This is an eyesore we have. There is no economic development for the city. It is not hiring anyone to work. I would like to evict this company from this location.”

"It is disgusting. It needs to end. Soon it will be 10 years. It needs to end."

Within the last year, the City of Abbeville filed a lawsuit against Technical Industries for breach of contract. Attorney Ike Funderburk told the council the suit is going through the court system.

Funderburk said the city has done what it needs to do.

“It is a hinder to economic development,” Plaisance said. “People ask me what is going on at Technical Industries? I tell them I do not know because I don’t.”


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