Gueydan Mardi Gras Royalty

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Krewe de la Chambre Royale presented the royal court Saturday, Jan. 26, at the Gueydan Civic Center, during the Wild West Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball. Members of the 2016 Krewe de la Chambre Royale’s royal court are, front row from left, Gabe Fluitt, and Laurine Boudreaux. Back row, Percy Lougon, Julie Lougon, Nick Hensgens, Stephanie LeBlanc, Queen Brenda Primeaux, King Randy Primeaux, Lana Marceaux, Roy Baker Sr., Timmie Melancon, and Logan Monceaux. Photo taken by: Stephanie Romero

Judy LeBlanc

GUEYDAN - With everything in place the royal court of the Krewe de la Chambre Royale walked out to an exhilarated crowd during the Krewe’s sixteenth annual Mardi Gras Ball held Saturday, Jan. 26 at the Gueydan Civic Center.
The Gueydan Civic Center resembled the crowed streets of the ‘Old West’ during the days of Billy the Kid, trains robberies and indians, with the theme “Masquerade in the Old West”.
Crowned King Jean Pierre Gueydan and Queen Amalie Gueydan XIV were Randy Primeaux and Brenda Primeaux.
Krewe Co-Captain Nadine Lepretre welcomed guests and introduced the two emcees for the evening, Brandy Broussard and Angelle’ Venissat.
After setting the scene and waiting for the Cowboys and Indians to take over the Civic Center the emcees introduced the royal court.
The first group to enter the building were The Regulators, a group of misfits that rode with Billy the Kid. Portraying The Regulators were, Addison Courville, John Thomas Wall, Hayden Dupuis and Emily Lacomb. Playing the part of Billy the Kid was Gabe Fluitt, followed by his counter part Calamity Jane portrayed by Laurine Boudreaux.
Venissat announced that every town in the Wild West had a saloon which prompted six beautiful saloon girls to make their appearance. High stepping and kicking were, Baylie Deperrodi, Rebekah Lepretre, Ali Bourque, Olivia Richard, Cheyenne Lacomb, and Madison Lepretre. The dancers disappeared when they heard the seductive red-haired saloon proprietress from the Long Branch Saloon, Miss Kitty Russell make her way to the bar. Playing Miss Kitty with great flare, was Timmie Melancon. As the scene calmed and order was restored the fourth member of the court, an expert horseman and gunman, always working to preserve law and order in Dodge City, the hero of Gunsmoke, Marshall Matt Dillon played by Logan Monceaux appeared around the corner of the bar ready to keep his eye on Miss Kitty.
Another wave of excitement came when a group of Spanish Banditos took over the center. Portraying this bunch were, Kendra Lacomb, Shawn Perrin, and Grace LeJeune. Mexican revolutionary and guerilla Pancho Villa played by Nick Hensgens. Pancho Villa loved women and never spent a night along. Joining Pancho Villa was joined by the lovely Senorita Maria, played by Stephanie LeBlanc.
A shoot out erupted with the Spanish Banditos and a group of well know brothers. The Earp Brothers and Doc Holiday played by Spencer Broussard, Hunter Lepretre and Randy Lepretre. After the smoke settled it was clear who had won, playing Wyatt Earp the hero of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral was Percy Lougon. Rounding off the cast from Tombstone was Julie Lougon playing the beautiful Josephine Earp.
Just like in the Old West, Indians arrived on cue to scalp their enemies. Playing the wild Indians were, Emma LeJeune, Gracie Wall and Caul LeBlanc. The famous Indian Chief Crazy Horse, played by Roy Baker Sr., joined his tribe along with Indian squaw Sacajewea, played by Lana Monceaux.
Then came the time of the evening that everyone was waiting for, the Royal Court.
Royal pages were Slade Broussard and Caydence Hunter. Junior Attendants were Blair Broussard and Ava Breaux.
Then with great excitement Queen Amalie-Brenda Primeaux was introduced playing the part of Annie Oakley. After her walk to her place of honor the King of The Krewe de la Chambre Royale, King Jean Pierre-Randy Primeaux played the part of The Duke John Wayne.
Congratulations were given to the King and Queen and their Royal Court and an evening of dancing began and ended to soon.


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