Erath produces large number of state/national Jr. and Sr. Beta officers

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Pictured are twenty of the twenty six Erath students who served as State or National officers from the 1979-80 year until 2016. Sponsors are also pictured. Back: Emily Zegura (Sponsor), Ryan Poche (Served three roles.. State President for both the Jr. Beta and Sr. Beta. Also held National Presidential office title.) Joni Hebert (Sponsor), Jill Hebert Lemaire (First Erath student to ever serve as a state officer in 1979-1980. She served at the state level twice for Jr. Beta.), Sue Butuad (Sponsor), Dana Langlinais Granger (State Jr. Beta Secretary-Treasurer), Jamy Comeaux (State Sr. Beta President), Jeri Landry Theuiseen (Served as both state Jr. and Sr. State Beta President), Jeanne Domingue Turner (State Jr. Beta President), Theresa Comeaux Touchet (State Jr. Beta President), Tarrah Comeaux Davis (State Jr. Beta President), Ann Rachel Hebert Saunier (State Jr. Beta President), Lauren Hargrave Landry (State Jr. Beta President), Jordan Lange (Sr. Beta State President), Amy Broussard LeBlanc (State Jr. Beta President), Beth Hebert (Sponsor), Monica Suire (State Jr. Beta Chaplain), Amber Viator (Sponsor), Rickey Suire Domingues (Club and State Sponsor), Angela Lange (Sponsor), Eva Lange (Sponsor) and Clevie Thibodeaux (Sponsor). Front: Jenna Diz (State Sr. Beta Secretary), Chandra Comeaux Breaux (Jr. Beta National and State President), Lauren Lauren Lange (State Jr. Beta President, Sr. Beta Secretary and National Sr. Beta Secretary), Caroline Poche (State Jr. Beta President), Malory Savoie (State Sr. Beta Secretary), Kelbi Lashare (State Jr. Beta President), and John Michael Shiner (State Jr. Beta President), Missing Officers are: Jennifer Drott Lege (Jr. Beta State President and 1st Jr. Beta National President in Erath), Jade Nunez (Sr. Beta State and National President), Leslie Landry Babin, Jeanne Segura Pigott, Annie Watson served as State Jr. Beta President while, Hoyt Henry was a State Sr. Beta President. Erath High and Erath Middle Sponsors missing are: Ebrar Reaux (Club and State Sponor), Cindy Drott (Club and State Sponor), Annie Romero, Jill Colomb Vincent, Christina Dore Denais, Jackie Puyau, DeEtte Bigot, Louisa Primeaux, Jennifer DePriest, Liz Vice, Susan Cassidy, Kelsey Sikes, Sterling “T-Cap” Menard, Nell Schexnayder, Laura Gaspard and Amy Noel.

With the recent Jr. Beta State Presidential win for Erath Middle student John Michael Shiner this past spring, it was noted that Erath has had an extraordinary number of students between Erath High and Erath Middle who have served as officers for the state and/or national Jr. and Sr. Beta clubs.
Between both Erath clubs which spans a twenty seven year run, twenty-six students have served as state Sr. Beta and Jr. Beta officers with the group holding an impressive thirty-five titles.
The journey began back in the spring of 1979, with the Jill Hebert (Lemaire) winning the Erath school, their first state title. While most served just one year, there were several who did several more than once between the two clubs. Dual or triples roles include six students. Jeri Landry (Theunissen) served as Jr. Beta President in 1984-85 and Sr. Beta President in 1987-1988. In 1997-1998, Jennifer Drott (Leger) an Erath Middle student served in two capacities as State Jr. Beta President and National Jr. Beta President. Drott-Leger was the first in the town of Erath to make it at the National level. On the cusp of Leger’s win, Erath High student Jade Nunez moved forward as the State and National Sr. Beta President in 1998-1999. A couple of years later, in 2000-2001 Chandra Comeaux (Breaux) then followed as State Jr. Beta President and National Jr. Beta President.
A few years later, cousins Lauren Lange and Ryan Poche’ would each serve three offices. Lauren Lange was the State Jr. Beta President in 2005-2006, then in 2009-2010, she served as the State Sr. Beta Secretary and the National Sr. Beta Secretary, too. Ryan Poche’ was the 2nd person to serve three roles. He was elected as the State Jr. Beta President in 2007-2008 and in 2011-2012, he served the dual roles as State Sr. Beta President, as well as holding the National Presidential office.
Erath has had five students to serve at the National level for each club. Jennifer Drott (Leger) and Chandra Comeaux (Breaux) both served as National Jr. Beta President. While Jade Nunez and Ryan Poche’ each served as the National Sr. Beta President. The fifth is Lauren Lange, who served as the National Sr. Beta Secretary.
There were three years when one Erath Middle student and one Erath High student served as state officers simultaneously. Those include Jeanne Domingues (Turner), the1987-1988 Erath Middle student who served as Louisiana Jr. Beta President and Jeri Landry (Theunissen) who served as Sr. Beta State President. Another similar occurrence was in 2005-2006 when Lauren Lange served as the Jr. Beta State President and Hoyt Henry served as the Sr. Beta State President. Yet again in 2015-2016, it happened when Kelbi LaShare served as State Jr. Beta President, while Malory Savoie served as the Louisiana Sr. Beta Secretary.
When you look at the odds of a small community of 2100 residents holding that many state and/or national titles in the prestigious Beta and Jr. Beta clubs, it is obvious that this has definitely become a unique legacy for the community.


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